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19 April 2021 - SD switches, OTL/OJL price increasion

Dear Partners,

Due to supplier's price increasion we have to modify our prices

for your placed orders after 1st May 2021

as follows:



switches, accesories



OTL universal terminals,

OJL distribution blocks:



Brass potential busbars:


SD1 kapcsolo   OTL/OJL_fovezeteki_sorkapocs   Réz kiegyenlito sinek
03 February 2021 - LUMEL

EA analogue metersN21 meters


analogue and digital meters


HD Hungaria offer

21 January 2021 - ISKRA MS25
15 January 2021 - OTL300 and OTL B

OTL300-3 greyOTL95-2BNew OTL universal terminals!

OTL300-3 (grey, blue, yellow/green) OTL92-2B and OTL300-3B for flexibars
95-300mm2 cross section 6-95mm2 95-300mm2 cable cross section
  3*1*24 and 6*1*40 flexibars
Al/Cu cables Al/Cu cables
1000 VDC 1000 VDC


26 January 2021 - OTL/OJL A class
15 October 2020 - MOREK Connectors

MOREK Connectors



Connectros up to 35mm2

Information available here


09 October 2020 - IMO SPD surge arresters

IMO surge arresters               

          NEW !!!

          IMO SPD surge arresters has arrived, and available from stock !!!

             More info here.