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17 June 2022 - New df Electric PV fuses/bases, MOREK MC4 PV connectors
18 March 2022 - Daily prices

Dear Partners,


Unfortunately our suppliers also feel the effects of the negative events in the world. Raw material lack and running prices of them effects their prices too, so we also have to follow their increasions.

When you place your orders in the future, please always check your prices, because there may be quick price changes day by day.

We hope this sitution will be short, and finally we can return to our regular life...

04 October 2021 - New MOREK products
23 August 2021 - WNC - NEW !!!


MOREK logo

WNC-1 and WNC-3

1 and 3 phase voltage indicators

AC voltage in the range of 80-500VAC

Measurement updated 5 times per seconds

21 January 2021 - ISKRA MS25
15 January 2021 - OTL300 and OTL B

OTL300-3 greyOTL95-2BNew OTL universal terminals!

OTL300-3 (grey, blue, yellow/green) OTL92-2B and OTL300-3B for flexibars
95-300mm2 cross section 6-95mm2 95-300mm2 cable cross section
  3*1*24 and 6*1*40 flexibars
Al/Cu cables Al/Cu cables
1000 VDC 1000 VDC


26 January 2021 - OTL/OJL A class
15 October 2020 - MOREK Connectors

MOREK Connectors



Connectros up to 35mm2

Information available here


09 October 2020 - IMO SPD surge arresters

IMO surge arresters               

          NEW !!!

          IMO SPD surge arresters has arrived, and available from stock !!!

             More info here.